Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revs win in season finale

Revs got a nice win last night in front of over 18,000 fans. A very solid crowd indeed. The group I was with was fortunate enough to get our tickets upgraded to the clubhouse. It was a fun promotion in which the Revs had staff going around upgrading people's tickets before the game. The seats up there are great. Amazing view. It seems like an easy promotion to pull off. I don't recall many people sitting up there this year with the exception of last night.

The game was solid. Not the best, not the worst. The Revs had their chances and could've scored more than once.

Marko Perovic won the team MVP award. A good choice. He led the team in goals and was always a threat on free kicks.

The ref. last night was pretty bad.

Overall a very fun night.


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