Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revolution 1-1 Fire

The Revs drew the Fire 1-1 Saturday in an exciting game. There were a lot of scoring chances, and it was generally a pretty well-played game by both teams. It was one of those games where Sainey Nyassi showed off his speed but didn't look lost or stupid in front of goal; he was actually useful overall in this game. I'm not going to hold his missed shots against him because a few of them were pretty close, and I didn't hear anyone around me in the Fort call him an idiot.

The only player who had a really bad moment was Kenny Mansally, who missed a wide-open header right in front of the net, in the center. Lekic's goal was pretty good, Joseph was himself...the defense was good except for their unwillingness to pass when there's an opportunity to kick it as far forward as possible, which is more of a given than a weekly rated category.

Oduro's goal was the on-field highlight of the night for me. It was one of those individual runs where instead of making "moves", he turned the defenders inside out by running directly at them and making his cuts late. The shot came when he appeared to be in the middle of a juke, and nobody, including Reis, was ready for it. It looked so cool, and went past Reis so easily, without being tucked way in the corner.

This guy named Ryan Guy, whom I'd never seen play, came on for the last 20 minutes on the left wing. He looks like my kind of player: his game looks based on being in available positions when the Revs have the ball, and making the right decisions quickly. When the Revs lost the ball, he just kept hustling the whole time to get into good defensive positions. I think he'll prove to be very dangerous in counterattacks because of his drive to get in the right place as soon as possible when possession changes. Most Revs forward/mid players run run run when they have the ball, and then slouch as soon as they lose it. Not this guy. (His name rolls off the tongue so naturally.)

Security in the Fort was crazy, and there was no obvious reason why. The sheer number of them was uncharacteristically high from the moment we got there...but they didn't just stand around like union cops on detail. They hassled EVERYONE. Andrew was asked a question about his future behavior (he had just gotten there, so it was a pre-emptive talking-to)...he later told me he knew he had a reputation in some places, but not yet at Gillette. They asked someone who appeared to be a mother with two young sons if she had any connection with some guy she was seen with earlier, and she told them a few times that she was only responsible for the two kids she was with. Andrew and I asked a few others in the section if they knew what was going on. Nobody could figure it out. A group of these guys escorted what appeared to be an entire supporters group out, and then another guy later left with three security guys around him. None of these people appeared to be dangerous, or even drunkenly impaired at any significant level. If anyone knows what the deal was, please let us know, either in the comments or in an email to

The next Revs home game isn't until after the Man United game, so that's the next time we'll be at Gillette. July 13th 8pm. The parking lot around 5 or 6.


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  1. Just to clarify about John's point on my comment in regards to my reputation at other places, I don't really have one at any establishments, although I am known at a few places to be a huge Revs fan, which I think is goo right? It was more of a joke that I made about myself, which is kind of an on going joke I have with some friends. Now that I think about it though, I thought I might of had a bad rep. at a couple of houses, then I asked and apparently they thought I was awesome haha. So I think my rep. is pretty good haha. However, in regards to my warning, that did happen as soon as the staff knew I was going to be in the Fort. Not sure why. I've reached out to the Revs for any comment they might have. I'll let you know if I hear of anything. Good game, great weather, and we met a some really cool people at the game.