Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Post!!!

It's been a while since I've been able to post something. Unfortunately I've been quite bust with my professional life. I thought that April and onwards would leave me with some more time to work on this thing, but that hasn't been the case and won't be the case until late June/early July. There have been a lot of things that have happened since I last posted, and for a change a lot of it has been pretty good. Instead of recapping everything I haven't touched on the last few months I'm just going to write some random thoughts about what's been going on.

- Jay Heaps is doing a pretty good job. I'd like to see him in charge for 3 years. You need to give a coach time to build his team. So far he's proven that under him the Revs are going to play to win and they're going to play soccer, as opposed to kicking the ball downfield, running after it and hoping that things work out. I watched the first game of the year against San Jose with my dad and he goes "hey, they're trying to play soccer" and he said it quite confused. You can't blame him for that, after watching them the last two seasons. So yeah, I'm a fan of Jay Heaps. Lets give him some time and I think he can build a very good team.

-Mansally was cut, which wasn't totally unexpected given the Revs level of depth at the wing. I have never been a fan of his and will be a bit surprised if someone picks him up here in MLS.

-I'm pretty sure I said Toronto was going to have a good team this year. They were 0-8 last time I checked, which is not good. Not sure what's going on over there, I haven't seen them play yet this year.

-Attendance with the Revs is still a big issue. Just over 12,000 on Saturday against the Whitecaps, which was a beautiful day, perfect for a soccer game.

- I've seen a few games on ESPN in which Twellman has been a part of the broadcast. From what I've seen he's pretty good. I had seen him do some games before and was not a fan at all. But from what I've seen this year it's been pretty good.

-NBC has done a good job with their coverage although I can't really stand Martino on the broadcast and often contemplate muting the tv. I still can't believe they cancelled Fox Football Fone-in in order to give him a show, which turned out to be one of the worst shows in television history.

Don't expect too many posts over the next few weeks. I'm not even going to bother proof reading this so if there are some errors, I don't really care.

Lets Go!

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