Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 TV Schedule

This Monday, March 15, the Revs announced their 2010 TV schedule. The team has a new deal with Comcast SportsNet to be the exclusive regional broadcaster of Revs games. CSN will show a total of 27 games, and miss out on the three others, which will be nationally broadcasted by FSC and FSE (2) and ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes (1).

The article from can be found here.

CSN takes the place of WSBK TV-38 of last season. In addition to this, Jay Heaps will be the color commentator, a role that was filled by Greg Lalas last season. Brad Feldman will stay on as the play-by-play man.

This is good. Was my TV the only one that made the Revs games on TV-38 look like a video from a cheap camera phone? CSN will have every game available in HD. CSN also reaches more households in New England.

TV revenue is one of the major sources of revenue for other top leagues in the world. MLS lags behind the biggest leagues in this arena, so every step forward is valuable. CSN is also the regional broadcaster for San Jose Earthquakes and DC United in 2010.

Concerning Heaps vs. Lalas, I wasn't a huge fan of Lalas, just as a matter of personal preference. I can't think of many great MLS commentators though...or any, actually. Hopefully Heaps does a good job. I'll give him a few weeks to get acclimated to the job before making a definitive judgment.

Overall, I like this news.


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