Saturday, March 20, 2010



You may remember me. Andrew, the other guy who writes on this site. Yeah, I've been kind of busy with some things. You wouldn't believe some of the stories. I should probably be in bed right now getting some sleep. I will do that.

But first a few general observations that I have somehow been able to make in the past month.

A new CBA has been reached. I'm just glad a deal was reached and that the season will begin on time. A work stoppage would have been a disaster for the Revolution and the rest of the league. I don't know the details but I'm just glad a deal is in place.

The Revolution move to Comcast sports. Does this mean they will actually mention the words "New England Revolution" on New England Sports tonight? No chance in hell. I hate that show with a passion. Is it still called that or does it have a new name? The show is terrible and I'm not just saying that because they don't talk about the Revolution. Their coverage of the Celtics and Bruins the past 8 years has been a disgrace. The show just sucks. I'd get more into it but I don't feel like getting all worked about it. The fact that the games will be in HD is a nice little addition. Too bad I don't have a HD tv. Damn.

Greg Lalas is no longer doing games. I wasn't a fan. He's certainly not the worst commentator in MLS, which isn't saying much, but we could do better. Lets see how Heaps does, it's an interesting choice. We need Ray Hudson to do Revolution games. But we'd really have to get him to become a huge Revolution fan so that he'd opnely root for them, like he did during the last week of La Liga a few years back in which he openly rooted for Espanyol so that they'd stay in the first divison. Amazing.

Some other things happened, but like I said, I haven't had much time to follow it. I don't think any of it was too important. The sun still rose and set every day. Or so I'm told. I honestly don't know. I'd have to take your word for it.

I'm actually having a really good time, just thought I'd make some jokes at my own expense.



  1. They should get Jack Edwards to do play by play. His awesomeness is currently being wasted on the Bruins who are the most boring team in hockey right now.

    How do you not have an HD tv? I know they're still playing Sega Genesis out in Fitchburg but now that you're posting up in Brighton you got to step it up.

  2. Jack Edwards sucks.

    New posts are coming soon.