Sunday, September 5, 2010

Revolution 3-1 Sounders

The Revs won this weekend, 3-1 at home to the Sounders. The first half was pretty uninspiring; it finished 0-0 and involved a lot of aimless kicks from goalies and defenders that traveled to the other team's goalie and defenders. The second half, however, was entertaining, partially due to the soccer and partially due to the intensity. There were a couple nice goals, with good buildups, and the players left it all out on the field. It was a win that felt good despite the impending failure of the Revs' season.

The Sounders aren't the team they were last season. Even before Ljungberg left they weren't as good. Last night they played like an either scared or uninterested team on the road, and once they got their goal they were content to give up on the game and hope they'd done enough. Their attitude was totally different than Philadelphia's when they came here and won 2-1 very late in the game last week. Although they'd be in the playoffs if the season ended today, my cautious guess is that Seattle won't do anything special this season, to say nothing about the competition they'll be up against.


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