Sunday, December 5, 2010

Revs Sign Reis, end of the line for others?

According to MLSnet the Revolution have resigned Matt Reis. This is good news. Reis is still a very good goalie and I'm happy to have him as our number 1 keeper. I wish details could be released so we'd know how many years he's been signed for and what his salary cap hit will be.

According to the article it also might be the end of the line for 4 others on the Revs roster, the 4 being Khano Smith, Nico Colaluca, Preston Burpo, and Cory Gibbs. Well, Khano, we know how I feel about him. But to be honest, I'm actually surprised they're not resigning him. Nico Colaluca was never really given a chance here. He has talent. He's pretty much another Mike Videira, a talented young player who was never given a chance. A bit of a waste. Then there are Corey Gibbs and Preston Burpo. Didn't the Revs trade one of their best players for these two guys less than a year ago? Yeah, they did. I hope Burp is able to continue his career after his injury this year. He was playing well up until it happened. It makes sense not to resign him if you think Shuttleworth has potential. Gibbs just never really looked that good this year. It wasn't his best year. He's still a solid player and I'm sure he'll end up somewhere in the league. That being said, he still has a spot in the starting 11 on this team. So who's going to replace him? If he leaves then the most likely pairing in the middle would be Barnes and Osei. Yeah, I'm not too excited by that possibility. There's still a long way to go this offseason, more moves will be made. Lets see what happens with the Revs as they shape their roster for next year.


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