Sunday, January 2, 2011

A quick update

So, we keep saying that we're going to turn this thing into a full site and then it never happens. Then I keep saying that I'm finally going to do part 2 on my thoughts of the 2010 upper deck MLS set. Then that never happens. Man, we're starting to sounds like Revs management whenever they talk about a stadium or a DP.

Well, I'll actually give you an estimate of when you can expect these things and I think I'll stick by them this time. The second part of the MLS cards post, probably sometime in Feb. 2011. This thing turning into a full site, probably sometime in the fall of 2011. It's being pushed back because there are some other things that need to be taken care of and we just don't have the time to make the conversion. Conversion, I hate that word.

Revs got some cap room, I can't wait to see what they do with it. They still need another center back to pair up with Barnes. If they can find a quality center back to pair with him then I think we've got a very solid defense for the upcoming year. Until we do, I'll be a bit nervous with Osei back there. The draft is this month, perhaps we'll see a center back drafted.

Look for a post the last week of January from me. Until then, enjoy the European season and lets see what the Revs do with the cap room they've got.


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