Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Galaxy 1-1 Revolution

By drawing 1-1 in LA this weekend, the Revolution exceeded my expectations (see? it works). However, it wasn't a particularly fun one to watch, and the torrential rain probably played into their hands considering the quality of passing amongst the two teams under normal circumstances.

Landon Donovan said after the game, "They defended...They had no intention of winning the game. That's how we knew they were going to play. That's how Steve Nicol-coached teams play. Give them credit." I can't decide whether this is too harsh, but it's at least close to the truth. When the Revs drafted A.J. Soares I personally predicted that, despite the high expectations surrounding him on draft day, I doubted that he would break the Revs' defense's habit of kicking the ball as far as they can down the field. After one game I think I've been right. True, this was a particularly tough game, being the first of the season, and away to LA with a ton of rain, but I don't expect this general trend to change soon.

No word yet on the non-MLS games in the season ticket package.



  1. Yeah, Soares is young, but I thought he played a good game other than that giveaway. When I read LD's comment, I could only agree to a point - The last part of the 1st half was definitely a defensive shell, but after the halftime adjustments I didn't think the Revs looked like they were killing the game.
    As for booting the ball, yup, it's annoying - but what about Coria??? He was very composed back there and looking to pass the ball out.

  2. yeah he didn't kick the ball all the day down the field, he kicked it write at a Brazilian who buried it in the net. I kid, i think A.J did fine considering the circumstances.

    do we have an update on marco?

  3. Im a big fan of Coria already, this kid stands his ground well. I agree with anonymous^^HOWS MARCO??