Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm back, I think

Hey! I'm back from my temporary hiatus. So expect this thing to be updated more often going forward similar to how it was last year.

Seth Sinovic was waived. I liked him. Not the most talented player in the world but a hard worker when he was on the field. I always have a bias for those players who just work extremely hard for 90 minutes. It was getting a bit crowded though with Domi, Cochrane, and Coria. I was surprised at first but when I look at it again I'm not too surprised.

In some non Revs related news Toronto FC traded away De Rosario. It's a great move for the Red Bulls as long as De Rosario is happy, as he hadn't been in a good mood over at Toronto for quite some time now. The Red Bulls are going to be an exciting team to watch this year.

Timbers tonight. Should be a good one. Hopefully we don't get any more snow as I am ready for the spring and summer.


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