Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The year so far

At some point this morning I decided that I needed to write something about the current Revs season, then about 5 minutes later I found out that Joseph was traded to Chivas USA in order to clear cap space. Instead of writing about the trade, I'm going to focus on the original intent of the post.

Points wise the Revs aren't much better than last year, however the Revs play soccer this year which is a big plus. The Revs try to attack and are watchable, something that can't be said about their last two seasons. I am a fan of Jay Heaps. I think he's brought the right mentality to the team. They play to win. Last year the Revs tried to tie every game, not attack, and hope that the other team didn't score and that they could get a lucky bounce, score and win the game.

The fact that the last two seasons were complete failures makes this season look like a complete success, but it hasn't been. The team still has some holes and it's going to be pretty tough to make the  playoffs, which sadly I don't see them making. As I've said before I am a fan of Heaps but there are a few things that I'd change.

Lets start with Rowe, who was a high draft pick. He has shown a few flashes of what he can do but for the majority of the season he has been invisible. There have been many games where I didn't know he was playing. I'd see or hear his name when the starting line ups were announced and then I'd hear it again when he was subbed off and be like "Rowe was playing? WTF? Where was he?" He's a rookie, going from college to the Pros is a huge step up and he needs time to adjust. I just think we have better options at the moment if we wanted to make a run at the playoffs.

Left back is still an issue. We need a true left back. I thought Polak was going to be some serious competition for the job, we even saw him get some minutes in San Jose. If those Bocanegra rumors are true I'd love to see him at left back for the Revs or even center back. However, I am glad that Barnes has for the most part not started at left back. Like I have said many times before, he is a good player but he's not a left back. I'd love to see him get some more minutes at center back.

We still don't have a stadium and have not heard anything. Wasn't there some guy on Fox 25 talking about a 18-24 month time table for an announcement? I'm pretty sure we've hit that mark and no news. Is anyone really surprised by that? Is anyone actually surprised by the embarrassing attendance this year? Yeah, Heaps has nothing to do with this but it's still an issue that is really keeping this franchise from succeeding. Yes, that's right, the Revolution are a Franchise in case you didn't know.

This post is probably coming off as negative and I don't mean it to be. I've actually had a pretty good time watching the games this year, which can't be said about the last two seasons. I think Heaps is doing a good job. Yes, I disagree with some things he does but that's how it usually goes. I'm sure he would do same if we reversed roles. I just hope the team continues to improve and get some more pieces in place during the offseason so that we can make a run at it next year. Or who knows, maybe we get hot and win the rest of our games, make the playoffs and win MLS Cup this year. McWorld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey it could happen.

I'm rooting for a Maritimo win tomorrow!



  1. Maritimo tied. Better than a loss but still ...

    Agree with your analysis but would be tougher on Heaps: Starting Rowe and Brettschneider so many time is criminal.

    Keeping Alston as an automatic starting is a joke.

    But they are more fun to watch. They will not be in the playoffs but I believe they will have more than 28 points.

    Assuming they can prove they can win without SJ21.

    1. I'll take a 1-1 tie away from home for the first leg.

      I understand your frustration on those three issues. However, it's his first year. Can you imagine what the mentality of that locker room must have been like after the last 2 years. The team is also more talented than the record indicates but when you have that much roster turnover and a new coach it will take more than a year to really make it work.

      Alston could be a very good player. Maybe he needs to be benched for 4 games to wake him up.