Monday, August 27, 2012

Toja picked up by Revs

Juan Carlos Toja has come back to MLS and was picked up today by the Revs. You may remember him from his time with Dallas, where he did quite well. So well infact that he earned a move over to Romania where he played for two seasons before going over to Greece. He had a solid run over in Europe and he is already familiar with MLS, which is why I am a bit concerned. Back when the MLS Rumors site (which reported on stories from reputable sources) was around last year there were a few reports out of Greece and Columbia that stated MLS clubs were interested in Toja. In these articles Toja stated that he did not want to return to MLS where "they would break my legs", with one article even claiming that he took a 50% paycut last year to stay with his Greek club. Unfortunately I cannot find these articles as the site has been down for quite some time, so you'll have to take my word on this.

So this is a bit concerning, a year ago he wanted nothing to do with MLS and now he's back, probably for some big money. If he's here for the money and his heart isn't in it, then this could be a very bad expensive singing. We don't need any more players here who don't want to be here.

On the other hand, if he does want to be here then we have a player who is 27 who should be in his prime. He has good vision, can attack and can even do a little defending in the midfield. He could be a great compliment to Simms, which would allow Feilhaber to either play up top behind a forward or play on the wing. I'd like to see the Revs maybe try a 4-4-1-1 with Feilhaber playing behind a forward. Perfect time to try it.

So, if the Revs did their job, interviewed Toja and learned that he really wants to be here then this is a very good signing.

If the Revs didn't do their homework, which they have been guilty of in the past, then this could be another disaster.



  1. We will not know this year as he will likely play an handful of games because his start will be delayed due to work visa issues.

    Too many pieces of the team have been added too late in the season while the majority of the pre-season signings have been cut.

    You hope that his heart is into another rebuilding year rather than playing for a contender.

    1. The offseason did not treat us well. Yes, we got Sene and Nguyen, but we also got Lozano, Moreno, White, and Brettschneider. A 33% hit rate is not good.

      Yes, we also got Rowe and Polak, but neither has convinced us they are MLS level players. I would like to see what Polak can do at left back, hope he gets some playing time the rest of the way.


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