Friday, April 2, 2010

Revs sign Khano Smith

The Revolution have signed our old friend Khano Smtih.

As one of my fellow co workers usually says "What THE FUCK!!!" Seriously, what the FUCK!!!" I can name 567,897 players that I'd rather sign. Why not sign me? Why not sign John? There is no upside to this singing. We've already seen what Khano can do with the Revolution. He can run really fast and that's about it. He is one of the worst players I have ever seen. I really question the intelligence of the person who made the decision to sign him. 95% of the time the Revs played with the guy it was like playing with a man down. I remember there used to be a video on youtube of him attempting to cross in a ball. It was a free kick outside the area and all he had to do was put in a cross into the penalty area. He went up and jus kicked the ball straigh into the air. The ball must've been 30 yards above the net. I kid you not. Someone took the video off of youtube, it was probably him because he was so embarassed by it. All he's going to do is take playing time away from younger players who have more potential and are already more productive. I don't want to seem like an asshole but come on, the guy's just not any good. If this is a sign of the things to come then it's going to be a very long season. I'm going to need a lot of beer.

If you don't like the language in the post then don't read it. Keep your five year olds away.


All I can say is it's great to have Andrew case it's not obvious to our readers, one of us is slightly more abrasive than the other. I'll make a post on this myself in the next day or two, and you'll see it right here below Andrew's. I'm sure both will have their merit.


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  1. I actually played college ball with Khano, and I thought he was professional material. And I highly disagree with you. Granted the man does have attitude problems at times, but he can fly, and he can make people look dumb. I have seen him a few times on TV and thought he played fairly well. He is no All-Star, but he is a major contributor for his team on the flank. So Andrew, take a deep breath, and dont be so hard on the guy.