Monday, June 28, 2010

Brian Bilello Speaks!

First off, the Revs had a solid crowd on hand of 12,000 plus on Sunday night. Lets see if we can break the 13,500 barrier at the next game. Actually, it's against LA so we should do better than that. Lets aim for 15,000. I'd be pretty happy with that. There was some guy near us who hates Pat Phelan. I will admit, I'm not a huge Phelan fan, but I don't hate the guy either. In my opinion, he's a solid player to have on the bench. He is versatile and can start when needed. Anyways, this guy hating on Phelan was pretty entertaining.

Now, in regards to Bilello. You can find his responses here. So it looks like the Revs are going to look at Sommerville again as well as three other possible sites in the Boston area. Lets hope something comes out of this. The most important thing for a new stadium to be successful in the Boston area is for the stadium to be easily accessible from the T, similar to the Garden and Fenway. I'd also like to see a playing field that is the same dimensions as those found in Europe. I wish he had given a time frame but that might be too difficult at this point.

It would've been cool to see Super Liga in Boston. I wonder what they looked at. Harvard Stadium, BU, BC?

I've heard a lot of people complain about the crest. I actually like the crest. I guess it depends what the new crest would like. I agree 100% that a new crest should go with a new stadium in Boston. That way the team can completely rebrand itself.

I don't know about that attendance answer. At the end of the day the attendance this year has been terrible. It doesn't matter how you slice it. It's just plain awful. It's like a CEO coming out and saying "We only lost $300 million this year, much better than the $350 million we lost last year".

I can't believe he didn't mention the creation of this blog. It's the first thing he should've mentioned when talking about media coverage. Is he living under a rock? Maybe he just hates us. I don't know.

I'm just kidding by the way, just wanted to make that clear. I kid a lot and many times people can't tell. But really though, I wonder if he's ever read this thing.

I've been meaning to write a post about the media coverage this year. It's been much better than last year. now has a Revolution flag (this is actually important as it acknowledges that the Revolution do indeed exist) on it's main sports page, ESPNBoston has a blog dedicated to the Revs. Comcast Sports actually shows highlights, and we can listen to games on the FM radio. It's been a good year. Certainly a lot more room for growth but a good start. Now you just need to keep the momentum going, so go build that stadium in Boston.

I just noticed he made no mention of the DP. He's probably leaving that one for Mike Burns.



  1. See ya, Portugal.


  2. That doesn't really have anything to do with this post.

    But yeah, they're gone. The line up was too defensive. They played with 5 defenders. The front line didn't have the support that was needed.

    I just realized who DPL is. I have no further comment.