Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting some answers from the Revs? Get a beet from Chris Tierney! Portugal shows up

Brian Bilello and Mike Burns will be answering questions by us fans either late this week or early next week. An exact date hasn't been announced. I like that they're doing this as it's a chance for us to ask questions about issues that matter to us like a soccer specific stadium, a DP, and whatever else is on our minds. Hopefully it's a success. Lets see what they have to say, but I think there's a good chance we'll be disappointed with a lot of it. I guess I have negative outlook but maybe it will change.

On Wed. June 23 from 5-8pm you can head over to McGreevy's over on Boylston Street in Boston where Chris Tierney will be bartending. I'm not sure if that's a good fit for him although if he were to become a full time bartender I'm sure it would be very interesting. Boston's a small city. Word spreads fast my friend. That's all I'm going to say.

Portugal showed up today. That was cool. Hopefully they can tie or beat Brazil and move on. I'm not convinced they have qualified. This is Portugal we're talking about here. If anybody can fuck this up it's them. I guess I just have a negative outlook but maybe it will change.

France is an embarrassment. Anelka was sent home, what a shocker. He's not exactly the greatest person in the world. Although, over the weekend John Terry reassured the world that Anelka is indeed of the highest character and a stand up guy. Perhaps I'd take those statements a bit more seriously if they were made by Lampard or Wayne Bridge.

Not that Domenche is a stand up guy. He sucks too. We can also put Henry in there. I don't get why people suddenly think he's such a terrible person because he played the ball with his hand. I've been saying he's a terrible person for years but nobody believed me.

Wow, this post became really negative about people really quickly. I guess I have a negative outlook.



  1. you have a negative outlook because youre a fan of 2 teams who may never win anything in our lifetime - the bruins and the revolution.

  2. Yeah, don't forget I'm a Portugal fan. Talk about a team that can't win anything, it's them.

    Damn Bruins. I don't want to talk about it.


  3. Yo I'll be at the Revs game this Sunday. Lets meet up. I'll text you when I get there.