Sunday, August 15, 2010

Revs with a big win

Revs got a big win last night 1-0 over Houston to keep their playoff hopes alive.

I sat in the Fort as I usually do. I haven't noticed this much this year but I noticed it last night. Where the Rebellion usually sit there were a few groups of people sitting waiting for the start of the game. The Rebellion showed up and started doing what they usually do (standing, singing, making lots of noise and what not). Well, these people were visibly upset and left that section of the fort and moved to the right. I know the Revs have been making an effort to inform people about the Fort and what it is, but it appears not everyone who buys tickets to the Fort knows what they're getting into. For example, last night a youth soccer team was going to sit right behind the Rebellion but they moved right before the game started. I kind of wish they hadn't, I would've loved to see the chaperons reactions once the game started haha. Anyways, the Revs should make a continued effort to inform people who buy tickets to the fort and make sure they know exactly what it is so that people aren't upset. Perhaps the Revs should block off a few rows for the Rebellion, The Riders, and The Army so that people know that's where they sit.

Lets get back to the game. The Revs played a solid game. They were able to control most of the possession and spent much more time in the final third than Houston did. However, they still weren't able to create many quality chances. The goal was a bit lucky as Nyassi totally whiffed on his shot and the ball went straight to Stolica and he placed it perfectly. But hey, luck's a part of the game, sometimes it goes in your favor sometimes it doesn't. Last night it went in our favor, I'll take it.

Houston didn't really do anything in the final third until they were down 1-0. After the goal they applied some pressure but were never able to create any clear scoring chances. In the end the Revs still weren't able to create many chances but they played well enough to deserve the win. It was a solid game to attend.

Wed. the Revs are in Chicago. It's going to be a tough game with the Fire's additions of Castillo and Ljunberg. They've been playing well. Should be an entertaining game.


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