Sunday, January 16, 2011


So the Revolution's first pick in the MLS draft was A.J. Soares. I didn't do any draft research whatsoever this season, so the only things I know about him is what I've read since then. Don't expect a detailed breakdown of the Revs' picks from me. Ives usually does a pretty good job with the draft, if you're looking for detailed coverage.

Not only did I not do research this year, but I genearlly don't get that worked up over the draft. It's too hard to predict how each player will pan out in MLS. It's also hard to find video footage on college players, or find the odd college game on FSC that has a few top prospects. It's not worth reading scouting reports, at least to me. It's not exciting either.

So. A.J. Soares. It would be pretty awesome to have a very good young back line, like the one that's been in LA (Galaxy) these past couple years. Alston, Barnes, and Sinovic are all young and decent. If Soares joins them as the regular starting defenders, there's a chance it could become a competent unit. I said competent; my main worry is that they'll fall into their familiar habit of kicking the ball as far as they can toward the opponent's net every time they get it. No matter how good this Soares character is, I doubt he'll be able to break this plagueish Revolution trend.

I'm just waiting for the Union to become an MLS power. I wish they weren't from Philadelphia, because sports fans from that city are among the country's most irritating. Anyway, I'm rooting for them secondly to the Revs. Jackie Mac's got to play more this season so he can make the senior USMNT sometime in 2011. 2012? He should at least make a camp in 2011. One of those camps where the European-based players aren't released, and the national team camp is full of young MLS players. Like the one for the US game in a week, on Jan. 22. Come on, Bob!

I've been MIA for a couple months I think. Expect more from me from now on.


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