Sunday, January 16, 2011

Liverpool 2-2 Everton

I watched Liverpool draw Everton at Phoenix Landing today. That's the Liverpool-oriented pub in Cambridge where you can go to see the Liverpool fans sing in a jam-packed and loud setting.

I was rooting for Liverpool. NESV's ownership makes them feel more like a home team than any other non-US club, to me. There seems to be a more positive air around the club since Dalglish took over, even though it's still early in his stint. It was particularly strong today, since they were playing Everton at Anfield. The players seemed to respond to it. It ended 2-2, but Liverpool looked really really good in the first half, and steadied the ship after temporarily losing the momentum in the first ten minutes or so of the second half. It was a frustrating but also exciting game.

The Liverpool fans at that bar are a weird bunch. I don't think I like them. There was one gal that made fun of Tim Howard for having tourrettes syndrome. She was American, which made it marginally more irritating than it would have been had she been English, or of some other enthicity. There are also others who just rub me the wrong way. The ones that fit into this category tend to be American, gluttonous, and ingenuine. How does an American become so obsessive about an English soccer club, so much that (s)he uses the word "we" to refer to the club as if it were his (her) home team, so much that she makes fun of her own national team goalie for having tourrettes? There's something fishy there. The most annoying part is that I don't think she even meant it; she was just doing it to satisfy her own low self-esteem. Bam! That's the ingenuine part about certain "Liverpool supporters" that irks me.

It's still totally worth it to see a game at that place, with those people. Please do it if you live in the Cambridge area.



  1. If the Landing is not your thing, there's always Roggie's or the Avenue.

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