Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Win!

A busy week indeed. John covered the Feilhaber signing, an excellent signing indeed. Very excited to have him join the team. He's been one of my favorite players on the national team over the last couple of years. He's going to be a great playmaker in this league, he showed some of it on Saturday and he hasn't even practiced with the team yet.

Revs got a jersey sponsor in United Healthcare. I think the jerseys look really good, I like it. No details were released in regards to the finances involved. It would've been interesting to compare this deal with some of the other deals around MLS.

To Saturday's game, just over 11,000 at the game. Impressive as I though there would be 5,000. We're going to start tracking the attendance numbers for the Revs. MLS daily did it for a while but that site disappeared sometime during last season. We'll have them posted once we put them together.

The game was entertaining, something that can't always be said. Having a healthy squad with the additions of Feilhaber and Lekic certainly helps quite a bit. Lekic actually didn't look very good for most of the game. His touches were off most of the night, he couldn't control the ball at all, but hey, he scored a pretty sweet goal to win it. I'm not worried, give him a few games to get used to his teammates and the rest of the league and I think we're going to have one of the best finishers in the league. Especially if Perovic and Feilhaber can create something out of the midfield.

The coolest thing about the game was that Revs actually played soccer. They didn't just kick the ball forward and run after it, they actually passed the ball, they ran off the ball and got into open space to receive passes, people had their heads up looking to pass. It was awesome! I wasn't the only one to take notice, several people behind me at one point kept saying "The Revs are playing soccer tonight!" It was a pleasure to watch.

Yes, this was only one game, but it does have my hopes up.

Also, since when does Mr. Kennedy (Mr. Anderson nowadays) play in goal for Kansas City?

Every time I saw number 20 (Diop) on Kansas City, I thought it was Chad Johnson, looked just like him.


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