Sunday, April 3, 2011

Revs draw, embarassing crowd

The most disapointing thing about tonight's game, the crowd of 7,114. While the rest of the league continues to see gains in attendance we continue to see a decline. Really, it doesn't come as a huge surprise. The product on the field is average at best, most people don't want to go to Gillete, and DP's are promised and then not delivered. It's just very frustrating to see the league grow and see the Revs decline. Really, 7,000 people. It's embarrassing.

Onto the game, the Revs played a decent game. A 1-1 draw seems like a fair result given the performance by both teams. I was actually very surprised with Portland. I didn't really expect anything out of them. Kenny Cooper had a solid game, but I feel like he should be playing more in the middle of the field. He had to get to the wings to get the ball and he's more effective when he's in front of goal.

Domi played a very solid game. Nothing spectacular, but he didn't make mistakes in the back and he plays with composure. He actually tries to distribute the ball rather than just kick it down field. I'd like to see him attack a bit more, but overall I was very happy with his performance and he looks like a good signing.

My biggest complaint about tonight would be the off the ball movement when the Revs are attacking. It's non existent. When someone has the ball in the attacking third and tries to do something they have no help. There's nobody making a run to get into space and receive a pass. They all seem to be watching the guy with the ball, waiting for him to do something, rather than get into position to get the ball and make something happen. It's very frustrating to watch.

Nyassi was very irritating. It seems like every time he gets the ball and he puts his head down and charges down field like a ram never looking to pass the ball to anyone. It's ridiculous. Keep your head up and look for someone. I don't see what other people see in him. He's got some skill but not much soccer IQ. People keep saying "he's young, he's going to be so good once he develops." He's 22, he's not young in soccer terms. Nyassi is Nyassi, he's not going to get much better than what he is now. Perhaps with another coach he could improve, but I don't think the coaching situation is going to be changing here anytime soon. So expect to see more of the same.

That's my rant for tonight.

Oh, one more thing, Gringo Bandito is highly addictive.


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