Monday, May 30, 2011

The Gold Cup

The Gold Cup starts in a few days. I'm not a big fan of it, and I think the main reason is because it's played every two years. The tournament is played too often. It results in the tournament losing much of its meaning. It should be played every four years. The wait in between tournaments would give it greater meaning. I also don't like how the US is always the host. Sure, it's great for us since we can go watch the games, but I feel that the tournament should be rotated. There aren't many countries that would be able to host the event, but since it's only 12 teams there are some other countries who could host it. Mexico obviously, Canada could host. I haven't looked at Central America but I'm thinking that Costa Rice could probably host it. That's only four countries but at least it would change things up a bit, if Costa Rica could host it, and I'm not sure if they could since I'm not familiar enough with their stadium situation, it would allow fans from Central American countries to go and cheer their teams since it would be much closer for them. I doubt this will happen but I think it would make the tournament a bit better.

I think Jamaica could do quite well at this year's tournament. I think they could win it.


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