Sunday, May 29, 2011

Revs Fall to LA

Last night was a great night to go out and watch some soccer. I don't think the conditions could've been any better.

A crowd of almost 22,000 was on hand. If the Revs could average that for an entire year that'd be amazing. Too bad most of the fans who were there last night probably won't come back again this year. It's a bit of a downer when you see Beckham get subbed off and the a good portion of the crowd cheers him on. There are only certain situations in which you can cheer on an opposing player when he comes off the field and last night wasn't even close to being one of them.

Revs had a solid first half. Boggs came close right at the start of the game and the Revs had a few other chances. If the Revs put two of those away or even just one it could've been a very different game. I'm not sure what went on at half time but the Revs didn't really have anything after the break. They really struggled to get anything going up front. Man do they miss Perovic. I know I give Nyassi a hard time but he did a very good job last night coming in. Perhaps he shouldn't start and should be used just as a sub as so far this year his performances as a sub have been much better than when he has started.

Unlucky to get a goal at the end. I'm still not sure how they didn't score. They need to do something soon because it's not going to get any easier without Feilhaber or Joseph.


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