Thursday, May 26, 2011

Revs called to Gold Cup

The Gold cup will be starting soon and like many other teams the Revs will be missing a couple of players. Unfortunately for the Revs, the two players they'll be missing are Joseph and Feilhaber. The Revs haven't exactly been playing great as of late, especially in the attacking third. The thought of seeing the Revs play without these two and perhaps even without Perovic makes me cringe. Do the Revs even have a shot at scoring a goal if they play without those 3 guys? I have a feeling these are going to be some difficult games to watch.

Revs host LA this Saturday. I think they're going to win. Revs seem to always play well against LA at home. I also think LA is a bit overrated and I'm not a fan of teams who are coached by Bruce Arena when they play away from home. I don't think I've ever seen a Bruce Arena coached team try to win a game away from home during the regular season. They play for a draw and win if they happen to score a goal on a counterattack.

Are we going to get a DP this summer? We were promised one by Revs management over the offseason but have yet to get one. Instead we've had one of our highest paid players loaned out to one of the lower leagues of American soccer. Nicol has apparently been scouting in Europe and one report per the Boston globe had him mention that they were in negotiations with a player who is one of the leading goal scorers in his country's history who is currently playing in Turkey. I can only think of one player who fits that description. They need to do something. They're not producing enough offense and overall just aren't playing soccer that is going to attract people to the games. Watch the final of the Taca de Portugal from this past weekend and then watch a Revs game. Why would anyone choose to go to a Revs game after watching a game like that?


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