Sunday, April 4, 2010

DC United 0-2 Revolution

Kenny Mansally. Pause. Scored two goals within the space of two minutes this weekend at RFK. The Revs won 2-0 away to DC United.

This was a great win because it started out looking doomed. The Revs forgot they had a midfield for the first fifteen minutes. DC basically bossed the game over this opening period.

NE's character showed through, as they battled back to make it pretty even for the brunt of the game after that. They'll need that character, because the team has a few key injuries as well as a few key departed veterans from last season. Reis, Twellman, and Joseph were all absent. I'm happy with three points from these first two road games given the circumstances.

Kenny Mansally surprised me. Good for him. Really. That doesn't mean I want him inserted into the starting XI next weekend, but he was a great impact substitute yesterday and is probably worth keeping around. Another guy with a surprisingly good performance to me was the rookie fullback, Seth Sinovic. Nicol and Burns have been good at drafting defenders these past couple seasons. I guess it makes sense.

How about the performance of Jay Heaps! He provided what a color commentator ought to provide: insight that the audience wouldn't have known. There were a few instances where the camera showed Nicol shouting things at his players, and Heaps was able to tell us what exactly Nicol was saying based on experience playing under him. He was also just generally good. He had good timing, he knows the game, he sounds confident despite it being his first game in the booth-- it was just a nice broadcast to listen to.

Oh, and I didn't watch the LA game last weekend. I don't get FSC at school, and I opted to do something social instead of staying home alone to watch a stream of questionable quality and durability.

I'm happy with the three points from these two games, and can't wait for the home opener next weekend.


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