Saturday, April 24, 2010

Revs Outplayed by Rapids

Tonight was an entertaining game. The Rapids played very well in the first half. I was both surprised and impressed with their play. Great passing and off the ball movement. A very entertaining half of soccer by the Rapids. The Revs struggled to get anything going in the first half. Perovic scored a sweet goal off of a free kick. He's looking like a very good signing. The second half was pretty even, I would give the Revs a slight edge, but it was pretty even. Colorado's second goal was a great shot. Burpo stood no chance. At the end of the day Colorado deserved the win. They played much better than the Revs in the first half. The first half could've easily ended Colorado 3, Revolution 1.

The Revs really missed Joseph in the midfield. Colorado had too much time and space right outside the area. Hopefully he comes back soon. We really need him.

It was nice to see Jankauskas get some time. Tonight was his first game of the season.

Khano Smith entered the game in the second half. Why? I have no idea. There was a fan in the fort yelling "Hang Nicol, the coach sucks". Yeah, I don't know about that. I mean, playing Khano is a pretty terrible decision but nobody deserves to be hung. As to the second part to what the fan was saying... no comment. At least for now. I will touch on the subject in a later post in the not so distant future.

The Benfica game has been confirmed. I think the ticket prices are a bit on the high side. They should be a bit cheaper. I don't know how much control the Revolution had over that, maybe Benfica had a say in how much the tickets should cost. They're a bit high when you consider that Benfica will be missing some key players due to the World Cup. They will probably play their bench along with some kids who are about to move from the Juniors to the Senior team as well players who are returning from loans. Here's a link to the Revolutions website confirming the game (Revolution to play Benfica) Two things to note, they spelled David Luiz's name wrong and said he was Portuguese. He's actually Brazilian, although if he were Portuguese that'd be pretty sweet because he's a pretty good central defender and he's only 23.


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