Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How good are the Revs? DP news?

The Revs got a big win on Saturday. 4-1 over a Toronto team that looked just plain bad. I've seen a few people try and say that the Revs looked great. Yeah, I don't know about that. They didn't look very good in the first half, but played well in the second. They were by far the better team. Toronto was just terrible. Their defense was a joke. In the second half the Revs had some good ball movement. They were able to connect passes and get guys on the wing in one on one situations and they took advantage. They made some good plays and could've scored more than 4 goals in the second half. Of course some of those chances and goals were directly attributable to Toronto's poor play but the Revs played well and deserved the win. They are also doing this without Twellman, Jankauskas, and Barnes. If they can keep up with the positive results until these guys come back they've got a good shot at the playoffs. If the team is healthy by mid-season and they are 500 at the mid way point then they're in good shape for making the playoffs.

Now that MLS has changed the DP rules many have speculated that MLS teams will certainly add a DP or two. So what about the Revolution? Honestly, I don't expect a DP this year. There are always rumors about a possible DP signing but it never materializes. I've been told that it's because they need to find the right player who will fit in with the club on the field and who will also fit in off the field (charter flights as opposed to first class and some other bullshit I was told). Well, it's been around 3 years since the rule was created. I don't think it takes 3 years to find such a player. I also don't buy the charter flights vs first class argument (Damn, I wish Dennis Bergkamp was still around, he would put an end to flying all together). Especially when you consider that most teams in Europe very rarely fly anywhere. The most common transportation for players in most leagues is a standard coach bus. Most players fly when playing in Champions League or UEFA Cup (there's no way anybody's getting me to call it the Europa League). Even then, many teams fly charter flights just like in MLS, with the exception being the richer clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United (who really aren't that rich, well, they were but then they got American oweners and well the rest is history). So I don't really see why the Revs don't have a DP. It's been 3 years. So like I was saying. I doubt this year will be any different. I hope they prove me wrong.