Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is MLS stupid?

This post isn't about the Revolution. Instead it's about MLS.

I visited the site today and found this article about Freddy Montero and a possible move to Russia. Here's the link Montero to Russia?

So the article starts out like most other articles about a possible transfer. They ask Montero if he's heard anything, he says that CSKA are in negotiations about a possible transfer blah blah blah blah and so on. Pretty normal stuff. Then here's where it gets stupid and I quote the article on "However, when contacted by, the Russian club said there is no truth to Montero’s claims." What the hell is this? MLS owns Freddy Montero's contract. Wouldn't they know if CSKA had had contact about a possible transfer? I would hope so. It'd be like me calling someone up and being like "hey I heard you've been in contact with me about buying my car. Is that true?" Yeah, I don't know. I'm pretty speechless. Why would they even ask? Or maybe and MLS don't communicate with one another, which doesn't make much sense since is MLS's website. But hey, maybe I'm just being a bit too logical here.

By the way, Luke Wilson looks really fat in these AT&T commericals. Really fat. Approaching Vin Baker on the Celtics fat.

Time for That 70's show.


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