Sunday, July 18, 2010

DP's and a stadium?

The Revs picked up another win in Super Liga yesterday. I have mixed feeling on the Super Liga and whether it should exist or not. There are many positives and negatives. I'll cover those another time, probably after the season is over. The big news yesterday wasn't the game itself but instead was the announcement after the game. It was a big one as the Fire announced that Nery Castillo was announced as the team's new DP. He joins the team on loan but the Fire have the option to purchase him at the end of the loan spell. No word on what the Fire might have to pay to keep him. This is great for the league as the Fire have a large Mexican fan base and Castillo is a good player. He's only 26. He's not one of those guys coming on the decline at the age of 32. I think he could prove to be a very good fit here and really help the Fire.

Another signing that looks to be completed sometime this week is Kansas City signing Omar Bravo. It's another good singing. He's been a good player and I think he still has a lot left in him. It appears that Chivas has confirmed the move but I haven't heard anything official from Kansas City.

Meanwhile the Revs are rumored to...

reports indicate....

there are rumblings of...

...well there's pretty much nothing in the works as far as a DP for the Revs goes which is quite annoying.

But hey, check out this article over at about a possible stadium in Sommerville. Now that would be pretty cool. It appears that there will be good public transportation via the greenline and possibly some bus routes I would assume. A stadium for the Revs could be the centerpiece of the redevelopment. I sure hope it is. It looks like a good site and I know that there have been Revs fans who in the past have supported the site for a stadium.

I will be posting part two of MLS cards soon. I've just had some things going on which are taking up some time. Hopefully it's up next weekend.

I'll also be posting the results of our World Cup challenge.

The Sporting vs Celtic game this Wed. at Fenway should be a good time. I haven't seen the roster for Sporting yet but I think they're bringing a complete squad. I'm looking forward to the game.


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