Monday, July 12, 2010

Revs Best LA, the better team wins

On Saturday night the Revs the LA Galaxy. The better team won. I really can't stand to watch teams that are coached by Bruce Arena play on the road. He's so defensive. He rarely plays for the win and pretty much always plays for the draw. It's boring soccer. So when the Revs did the bulk of the attacking on Saturday it wasn't much of a surprise.

It was a good win for the Revs. They didn't play great but they played alright for the most part. (I've been told that alright isn't a word). Well, it is for me and the purposes of this site. They kept attacking and eventually scored on a nice free kick by Perovic. Nyassi's goal was great. Sure, it wasn't great in the sense that it was some 30 yard blast that the goalie had no chance at. It was great in that Nyassi did exactly what he's supposed to do. He crashed the net in hopes of a rebound, which there was which led to the goal. Doing these simple things correctly is what can make a bad team a decent team and a decent team a good team.

The attendance for the game was great with just over 20,000 fans. The Galaxy are usually a good draw with Beckham and now Donovan as a result of the World Cup. Neither played but there were probably a good amount of people there expecting to see them. There was also a tournament held at the stadium before the game and by the looks of it, it appeared that if you played in the tournament you got a ticket. I may be wrong on this but if I'm correct then this probably skewed the attendance number a bit. Either way, there were 20,000 fans who saw a solid game of soccer. Hopefully some of them come back for some more.

Part of 2 of my MLS cards post will come. I just haven't been able to do it because I've been pretty busy with some things. It will come soon, I think this weekend.



  1. I tried to bring a friend and the Fort was sold out! I had driven him and didn't want to leave him to watch the game (as I already had my ticket) so I didn't stay at all. First home game I miss and we win - maybe a sign?

    Not only was it good to see the Revs attacking, but attacking with creativity and passion. They were making things happen in a way that we haven't seen from the Revs for probably the entire season. LA is obviously the cream of the crop, so there is no reason they can't keep it up. Here's hoping for more!

  2. The Fort, sold out?? Yeah, I guess it was. Sorry to hear that, and I hope you live close by.

    The creativity and passion you speak of could have been the result of a players-only meeting the team had on the Tuesday preceding the game. Twellman mentioned the meeting in an MLS Extra Time interview on, and said they probably should have had it 6 or 7 weeks earlier (the 5-0 destruction at RSL probably pushed the team leaders into action). Anyway, it seems to have worked so far. They also just beat Pumas 1-0 in Superliga tonight, a game Andrew and I both missed. It's just SuperLiga, but hey it's a win.