Monday, July 26, 2010

Mike Videira Waived

According to the Revs official site Michael Videira has been waived.

I don't get it. Why waive Videira and keep Khano Smith? At least Videira tries. He was never really given a chance with the Revs. Last year when he did play he did ok, especially for a rookie. This year he made no appearances even as the Revs suffered injury after injury. Did he do something stupid that got Nicol to hate him? Or did Nicol just not like him? I don't know. What I can say is that he should've been given a chance to play, especially given the current roster.

So what's next for him? My guess is that he'll find a PDL team to latch on with. He is Portuguese. Maybe he has some family over there and he can give the 3rd or 4th division a try.

The Revs currently have 2 open roster spots with the retirement of Steve Ralston and the release of Videira. They'll probably be signing two players to fill these spots. Probably 2 of the trialists that they've had recently. I highly doubt they'll bring in a DP but you never know.

There has been plenty of news in regards to the Revs lately. Like winning 3 games in the Super Liga. Oh and there was that game at Fenway and some friendlies that were played in New York. Both John and I have been pretty busy lately taking care of some things in our personal lives. We hope to get these things settled soon and return to normal here at the site sometime soon. You'll know once you see the posts start coming in, like the second part of my MLS cards post that keeps getting delayed.


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