Monday, May 17, 2010

Benfica Roster

Benfica have released their roster for the game on Wed. night. Interesting to note that the Revolution have this roster on their site (Benfica Roster on Revs Site) and abola is reporting this roster on their site (Abola Benfica roster). Below is the roster according to abola.

Goalies: Moreira e Júlio César;

Defenders: Luís Filipe, David Luiz, Sidnei, Fábio Faria e César Peixoto;

Midfielders: Airton, Javi Garcia, Felipe Menezes, David Simão, Leandro Pimenta, Ruben Amorim e Pablo Aimar;

Forwards: Nuno Gomes, Kardec, Éder Luís, Weldon e Saviola.

Both goalies are solid. Nothing special. Moreira was very hyped up when he was younger and was the starter for a while. He's been buried as the third stringer for quite some time. Really hasn't done anything the last 4 years. Not sure why he's still on the team. Solid goalie but if you're not going to use him why not just get rid of him.

I hope Luis Felipe plays right back and Cesar Peixoto plays left back. Neither can defend but both are very good attackers. Both started their careers on the wing up front. Some interesting facts about Cesar Peixoto.
1. Upon joining FC Porto he bought a brand new Mercedes and crashed into a house.
2. Married a really hot model then got divorced shortly thereafter.
3. One of Jose Mourinho's all time favorite players. Played for Mourinho while the two were at FC Porto.

As a Revs fan I really hope David Luis does not play. We can't afford to lose any more player to injury. He is a good player but he gets away with a lot of hacking in Portugal that often goes unpunished, or should be a yellow or red card but is only called a foul. Good defender but not worth half the money that many of these soccer sites claim has been offerred for his contract.

The midfield is not very impressive. I'm surprised Pablo Aimar was not selected for the World Cup to represent Argentina. Not that he has a place on the team, but he's one of Maradona's all time favorite players. And to be fair, Aimar was a very good player while at Valencia. About that Argentina roster, it's pretty bad. I don't want to suggest anything, but perhaps there was something influencing some of those decisions. I mean really, you take Veron but no Cambiasso or Lucho Gonzalez. Who's going to win those 50/50 balls in the midfield? Lisandro Lopez should've gone as well. Great goal scorer. Scores a lot of goals from out of no where.

Lets get back to this roster though. I'd like to see Kardec play. He's a good young Brazilian. Entertaining player to watch. Nuno Gomes is old. I hope he goes to Toronto. That way we don't need to worry about Toronto scoring any goals.

It's a solid roster. It's better than what I was expecting.

Revolution also announced that parking to the game will be free. I have the feeling that the attendance for this game is going to be pretty disappointing.


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