Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two New Links and some thoughts

We've posted two new links. First is the House of Soccer. It is written by Brian O'Connell. I think it's a great site which I really enjoy reading. The site covers the Revolution as well as anything else going on in New England soccer or anything that he feels like writing about. I think what makes this site great is that when you read it you can see just how passionate Brian is about the game of soccer. He also has some unique perspectives about the game at the grass roots level in his home state of Rhode Island as well as some thoughts about the history of the game in the area, such as articles about Billy Gonsalves. It's certainly a site worth checking out.

The second link we added is Premiershiptalk. The main focus of the site is the English First Division. Why did I just call it that? Check this link out and all will be explained (Leagues with Stupid Names) They also cover some other things like International tournaments, a little MLS, and the European club competitions. They tend to focus on English teams. So if you're a fan of the English game it's worth checking out. However, I must warn you. You probably want to stay away from any articles written by Taylor Fisher (who by the way is very anti-MLS although he knows pretty nothing about the league). They tend to be quite bad and illogical. Honestly, most of the time I read them I'd just be like "what the fuck is he talking about?!?! Does he really think that? Is this some kind of joke?" So I still visit the site but I ignore his articles. If you want to go ahead and read them, go ahead. However, you've been warned.

Joseph is back! This is good news. Lets hope that he has put his personal problems behind him for good and that he has made a full recovery.

MLS really needs to get rid of turf and mandate that all teams play on grass. I know that this is not feasible to do over night but the league should establish a timetable which reasonably allows the teams to transition from turf to grass. I remember being at the San Jose game and the Revs nearly scored due to a random bounce as the result of playing on turf.


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