Thursday, May 20, 2010


As much as I hate to say it, the Revs pretty much got dominated last night. Benfica came out and played very well. There were large parts of the game where the Revs barely touched the ball. Here are some quick thoughts on the game:

Kardec's goal was a very good shot. Good player. I think he has a bright future.

I enjoyed watching Cesar Peixoto. He has always been a very talented player.

Was that Benfica fan trying to make out with David Luis after the game? I don't get why David Luis just stood there even after being separated from the fan.

Hey Nicol, maybe you should teach the Revs how to pass the ball and actually maintain possession instead of telling them to kick it down field and run after it. It's 2010, not 1985.

One thing that really pisses me off is when someone in the media doesn't do their research and makes a stupid mistake. Case in point, this podcast (Podcast 5/19) before last night's game with Brad Feldman and Gus Martins. According to them Oscar Cardozo's price went up big time after the good season he had this year with Benfica. Ok, that's fine, but apparently so did Simao. Simao hasn't played for Benfica in over 2 years. He's at Atletico Madrid you morons. Maritns also mentions that Nuno Assis of Braga was left off the national team. Nuno Assis actually plays for Guimaraes. But hey, maybe that was just a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake like that and not realize that they has just made a mistake. But saying Simao was still on Benfica, come on. That's just bad. I hope Feldman wasn't really looking forward to seeing him play last night. They then went on to talk about the Esuebio statue. That must've really made Brian O'Connell's day (Statues)

According to the Boson Globe (Attendance ) attendance for last night's game was 12,735. A very disappointing number indeed. The main reason behind this, high ticket prices. The cheapest ticket available to the general public was $40. That's just too high given the economy and most fans weren't willing to pay $40 just for a ticket. In years past when Benfica came here you also had to pay for parking. Although parking was free for last night's game, this was announced too late, just a couple of days before the game. So you're paying $40 for a ticket and you think you're going to pay $20 to park your car (according to people who were at the game last night and who also went to the Inter vs Milan game last year, the parking price for that game was $40.) So that takes you up to $60. Well, you need to pay for gas. Lets say that's $10. Most Portuguese people who go to the game also like tail gate with wine, beer, sardines, and all that other good stuff. Well, all that good stuff costs money too. At the end of the day it's not just $40 for the ticket. You have to factor all those other things as well. You can argue that making the cheapest ticket $20 would only save people $20 and that they'd still have to pay for other things. That's true, but psychologically there's a big difference when you think about buying a ticket that is $40 vs a ticket that is $20. If tickets had been something like $20, $26, $35 a lot more people would have gone. The number should have been between 30,000 and 35,000. Instead we get a disappointing 13,000. Nice going whoever came up with the pricing structure used last night, (Revs or Benfica, or Both).



  1. sardines? is that theportuguese can do? best the

  2. I'm talking about fresh sardine grilled on a charcoal grill? Not that shit you buy in a can.

    You should come by sometime and have some.