Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Links

Over the next couple of months we plan on gradually turning this blog into a full site. For the time being we are also going to spruce up this blog. One thing that we've done is we've added a couple of our favorite soccer sites in the links section to the right. Footiebusiness is a great site which talks about the various business issues that MLS faces. Matchfitusa is dedicated to pretty much anything that has to do with American soccer whether it be MLS, Americans playing abroad, or the US Men's National Team. There was an excellent article posted today which you can read here (Rossie Left Off Camp). We will be adding some more links soon.

Also, last I heard the new Upper Deck MLS card set for 2010 will be released in May. More on that later.



  1. I'll trade you a Mike Greenwell, John Valentin, and Tim Naehring card for the entire MLS set. Think about it.

  2. Did Tim Naehring ever come back after some serious injury he had? It's a good question.

  3. I might consider the deal if you throw in a couple of Brian Rose rookies and a Tony Clark or two.