Sunday, May 30, 2010

My take on last night

The Preston Burp injury was horrific. I have not seen the replay and I think I won't as I don't really want to see that ever again. From what I saw it was not dirty at all, two guys going for a 50/50 ball. Unfortunately Burpo suffered a horrific injury. Unfortunately it's a part of the game, these injuries happen from time to time. Burpo is 37, which makes his recovery that much harder. The injury comes at a time in which he was playing pretty well. I just hope he can make a full recovery and make a come back next year and continue with his career.

It was a very entertaining game. The best game I've been to this year. Both teams played well. Up until the red cards I'd say the fair result would be a tie. After being up 2 men the Revs had the obligation to win the game, which they did. The Revs played a good game. The addition of Joseph is huge. He can win balls and hold onto them. He can also distribute the ball well. Hopefully he stays on the field. I really like having him in the midfield alongside Perovic. It's a very good combination to have.


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