Sunday, May 2, 2010

FC Dallas game

I agree with Andrew that Dallas should have won this one. They had the majority of the meaningful possession and scoring chances, even before the first ejection. Burpo had a handful of clutch reaction saves throughout the game to keep New England in it, but Dallas should have scored more than once nevertheless.

The Fort showed decent support, but the numbers seemed to be down compared to the home opener, which was really awesome. Also, there was a really disrespectful Shalrie Joseph sign in the Rebellion section of the Fort, which made a joke of his personal leave. I don't know for sure that it was The Rebellion's doing, but I'm pretty sure it's their sign because I've seen ones like it at every game so far.

The first ejection was a bad call. The second was the correct call. I don't think either of them was especially game-changing, because the Revs never strung together meaningful passes, or bossed the game whatsoever, even in the first half. At best it was an even, physical game with tough defense and a lot of long balls, but that doesn't describe the brunt of the game.

Overall, the Revolution performance further showed that they just aren't a great team. They're decent, and they can be good at times, but it usually happens when Shalrie Joseph is playing. He was the central figure in the 2nd half explosion against Toronto a few weeks ago (Toronto's poor play aside), and the team clearly missed him this weekend (again). They just don't have any midfield presence at all without him. I hope he sorts out his personal issues for his own sake, but also for the team's.

It was a good result considering the ejections and the quality of play. Their 2-3-1 record is a fairly accurate reflection of how good the team has been so far. They need to find their groove with the new young players, and they need Joseph back, in order to turn into a good playoff team. Meanwhile, Twellman is still out there somewhere, Tweeting his time away. The pieces exist, but they're not all there and in sync at the moment. One game at a time...


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