Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Notes about the Quakes Game

Revs tied the Quakes 0-0 on Saturday. It was a pretty even game. I'd say that the tie was the correct result. Neither team really outplayed the other. Perhaps you can make the argument that the Revs slightly outplayed the Quakes. Not a whole lot of chances for either team. Not much offense in this one. I was disappointed with Perovic, not his strongest game. Boggs played well. He's a hard worker and showed some flashes with some skillful play. He's looking pretty good so far.

As I pulled into the parking lot some jackass who was working the parking lot almost drove his little cart directly into my car. I was pulling into the parking space with my blinker clearly indicating I was making a right turn and this jackass cuts me off. He drove through the parking space that I was in the middle of parking in. After nearly hitting me he made no acknowledgment of his tremendous blunder. You are a jackass.

Bobby Convey is a shadow of his former self. What happened? Are you really that depressed about playing for San Jose? Really hasn't done anything since coming back from Reading.

As I was walking to the stadium I heard a mother turn to her two young boys and say "So what are we going to do tonight? We're going to ignore all the bad language we hear". I thought that was pretty funny haha.

There was a pretty good crowd at the game with over 13,000 fans. It's a shame that we consider 13,000 fans to be a good crowd.

Having the game start at 6 was pretty cool. I got home before 10 which was nice. Got home and still had time to go out after.


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