Saturday, May 8, 2010

Revs set to take on Brazil's Cruzeiro

The game will take place on Sunday June 13th at 7pm. Cruzeiro is always a solid team in Brazil. I'm curious as to who they'll bring for the game. I'm not aware of any of their players going to the World Cup. The roster has some known names. Leondro Lima spent some time with Porto before moving back to his native Brazil. Another name with European experience is Kleber who had a successful stint with Dynamo Kyiv. But really, when glancing over the Cruzeiro roster one name certainly sticks out, and that is Roger. Before he left to join Benfica back at the beginning of the decade he was considered the next big thing to come out Brazil. People expected this guy to be a regular on the Brazilian National team for years to come. My little cousin in Portugal even went out and bought a Roger Benfica jersey. He loved Roger, he kept telling me about how Roger was awesome and how he was going to light up Porto's defense. Then years later when I visited once again he was like "yeah, I was an idiot, I forgot about that shirt, thanks for reminding me asshole." Truth be told though, before his move to Benfica he was playing some great soccer in Brazil. Well, his move to Benfica was pretty much a complete disaster. He feuded with pretty much every coach he ever played for as well as with the team's management. He never really became a regular for them. His other interesting move during his career was when he signed with Corinthians. What made this move extremely entertaining was the fact that he joined a squad that already had Carlos Alberto and Carlos Tevez. Something happened pretty much every day. I remember watching the news one day and they were talking about how Alberto just caused problems all day at practice, Tevez did pretty much the same thing, and Roger demanded that he become captain or else he wouldn't play. This sort of thing went on for a while on a daily basis. It was pretty funny. He was certainly a guy with a lot of talent but he never lived up to it and had a very disappointing career.

Anyways, I don't even know if these 3 guys are coming. They might just bring a bunch of reserves and juniors. Even if they though, they might have a gem or two waiting to be discovered. I'm just hoping for a good turnout and an entertaining game.


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