Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Revs and Papa Gino's

I went to Papa Gino's for lunch today. It was ok. I said no pickles and they put pickles. Not good. Anyways, I noticed a little display by the soda that had a Revolution logo. Papa Gino's has a new rewards card in which customers get a card, register it online, then earn points for each dollar they spend at Papa Gino's. As a member you get to participate in special promotions. One of the promotions currently being offered involves the Revolution. The promotion is that you can purchase a ticket for $30 and get another ticket free. So you're basically getting 2 tickers for $15 each, a pretty good deal considering that the cheapest ticket on game day is $22. There are two caveats to the deal. The first is that you need to call ahead and order them through the team. You can't use the deal on game day. The second is that you can only use the deal for 4 games. These are games against DC United, Houston, Philadelphia, and Seattle. I think that's a great choice as the Houston and Seattle games should be pretty good. The DC United and Philly games should also be entertaining. It'll be interesting to see if this promotion will lead to any sort of attendance bump for these games. My guess is that it will be minimal. The team should certainly keep track of sales through the promotion to see if the bump is significant. If it is then they should look at doing it again next year. Having a display at Papa Gino's also gives the team some visibility throughout New England. People who normally don't go to the Revs might see the display and be like "hey, I forgot about the Revs, they're still around? Maybe I should go check them out". It's important to note that the Revs have a long history of doing promotions with Papa Gino's. If I remember correctly, there was no promotion last year with Papa Gino's. However, a couple of years ago (as well as seasons prior) the promotion was that you could get a ticket, a personal pizza, and a soda for $24 ($18 or $19 when the promotion was first introduced back in the day). A pretty good deal.

Weather doesn't look good for tomorrow. I'm holding out hope that its decent and that people are able to hang out before the game. Have some beers and some sardines.

Pablo Aimar is not able to play tomorrow. He had some passport problems and is not in the United States. Check it out here (Aimar stays behind)


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